Morning Workout and Tea #7

IMG_2426Today is my first day back exercising, and I just finish Zuzka Light 5 min workout,  abs shredder 2 rounds . Not bad at all  it took me a long time to finish but I am done.

1. Burpee-30 sec

2. Crab kick-30 sec

3. Donkey jump tuck-30 sec

4. Low jacks-30 sec

5. Side jump lunge-30 sec



Hi everyone just finish my Zwow workout and as usual I’m feeling good. I am so looking forward for today, that’s because I am once again working at Bots store and I am so excited to go I will be there till Friday. Had such a good time when I was last there so today shouldn’t be anything but great. Yesterday we had a little sunshine so I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a new book and did some reading . Staying hydrated in the fall is a little challenging I don’t drink water as much as like the summer where I carry my bottle of water every where I go, where as in the fall I don’t like to walk with anything heavy in my bag so I decided to make a big pitcher of water with lemon and keep it in the fridge that should do it for me.God bless and have a great day


Morning Workout and Tea#5

Today I change my workout routine I was getting to comfortable with it, so I spice it up with some Millionaire Hoy, I find him on YouTube he is really good. So yeah with my Zwows and the Butt workout my body should be thanking me lol. Yesterday I work at the Bots Clothing Store which was pretty cool, I will be working there today and tomorrow, will post pic of the store if you like you can go on the website which is (www.BotsClothingCo.Com) and see if you like anything its own by a young up and coming designer. what are you day like today ? Whatever it is stay happy and god bless. IMG_2529IMG_2526

Morning Workout and Tea #4

Today I finish my 10th day of the 30 day challenge and once again I was dripping wet along with one of my zwow in the zgym which was pretty awesome.

I want to share with you some things I got from the thrift shop, yeah I love going there first off the things don’t cost that much and it’s always excited to see what they have new. Last week I bought a dress and a bag which cost me less than twenty dollarsIMG_2434


Right now I’m feeling great and I will be relaxing at home, by the way I’m  going to be taking some yoga classes next week in the zgym  so I will post my progress. Don’t forget  your water have a wonderful day God bless.

Morning Workout and Tea #3

Hi this is the 3rd day of the 30 day challenge workout and I am dripping wet not bad. I like a good workout, after I know I’m going to have a great day. IMG_2313Oh just wanted to tell you about somethings I like, I recently bought  an aromatic reed diffuser in red currant it smell nice. After a long day the scent really puts me in a good mood so yea.IMG_2308

IMG_1978 Another thing is my water as you see I  try to get it in when ever I can, before I never drink water there’s nothing excited about it, but if I put any kind of fruits in my water it’s more exciting  to drink, like I wonder what it’s going to taste like, so if you’re like me and don’t drink water try putting something you like into it. God blessed and have a wonderful day.