DIY Jewelry Organizer

I’m trying to get organize with my jewelry because I tends to buy too much, sometimes I end up with the some of the same pieces. Also I don’t get to wear most of them because I have them living in a box, and when ever I want to wear one I spend so much time tying to get the knots out it drives me crazy. So I decided to make a jewelry organizer which I will share with you. First you can go with what ever you like but I used wood,  the hooks you can get from any hardware store. The leopard print tissue paper again you can used what ever you want, or you can paint the wood, and don’t forget the glue if you are using tissue paper. Also if you want to be a little more creative you can paint the hooks with any nail polish you have it will be fun I did. After you done all that you can screw the hooks in the wood and hung you jewelry on. Now I don’t spend no time getting my jewelry, and I can hold off buying any more or so I think. God is good.





Was looking for some dining chair like a year ago and every where I look was so expensive I give up . Then too I was looking for chairs that have the caning at the back and leopard print accents on the seats and it was challenging I must say . I then decided to go in the thrift shops and there they were four chairs just there looking at me and I at them , could I been any more lucky with a price tag of forty-five dollars for the four chairs I had to do a dance, I brought them home and created what I wanted God bless.