New Year Sacrifices…

As I enter into the end of the year 2015 I am very calm, and even though it’s half way through the month I have no stress and I own it all to the word (NO) to myself. This month brings the hustle and bustle or what the media wants us to believe we should be buying, or standing on line for and if we don’t get the new “Must Have” them we are doomed.  I have no great expectations of my family and I but to be relax and enjoy this magical day Christmas. Isn’t that what it all about just being the best you?

Looking back now on all my resolutions through out were not fulfill , the goals I set for each year I haven’t accomplished any for myself.  As the new year begin I get so busy just by making all the bills and hoping  that first few months passes by quickly,  and sadly all my hope for the new year slowly pass me by with no attention given. The thing I realized back then my goals weren’t that challenging they were just simple thing I can do in my daily life,  because most of them was about what I wanted.  But I did get to make some changes like starting this blog , finding a church to call my home and lending my time to the Bots store.  All these were not on my to do list at the beginning of the year but they all bring me joy and I am happy. 

And yet another year is about to begin and I am getting so excited in making  my goals once again.  But this time i’m going to be setting  goals for my needs which is  by  far  most  important.    As the month goes I will have a month to month calendar of my sacrifices which will  accommodate me.  It will be a little challenging because I have to stop putting my wants first and we all know how hard that could be.  But still I have a lots of things to fix that I  ignore for a very long time,  like being on time with everything.   I know it will help me to grow and enjoy a little bit more of myself.  This time of year could be very stressful trying to get everything you think you need together ,  but remember christmas is all about the joy and smiles we bring to one another, being with your love ones along with spreading love to everyone that pass your way MERRY CHRISTMAS.   God is good … IMG_2877





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