Well hello November I’m so happy you are here, with your ever-changing color of leaves always put me in a good mood for the holidays. This is the time to cool your body down, with some brown sugar honey and peppermint scrub, which will leave your skin feeling fresh and hydrated, it will also peel off dry skin and smooth you into this crisp weather. I sometimes get lost at this time of year,  it’s like the mysteries of nature while the leaves turning different colors, and everyone a little more cheerful the fruits and vegetable in full bloom. like you know something good is coming and you have to hurry and prepare yourself for it. There’s so much to do in getting  yourself ready.  As a tradition I always buy the Mulling Spices and boil on a low heat, and let me tell you the scent is so nice you will be smiling all the time, that’s one of the first things I do to get me going and also my oolong organic tea which I tend to drink a lot of in the winter. How about you guys let me know in the comments. God is good.





12 thoughts on “November

  1. I love sugar scrubs and ginger in winter. I try to have some ginger lemon tea every morning. It staves off the cold. I am still waiting to organize my winter wardrobe but everything is right on track. Have a great Thursday. x


  2. I haven’t tried these scrubs but I’m slowing moving towards a more natural approach in skin care so I’ll have to test drive this. Do you have a particular recipe you can recommend? Autumn has got to be the prettiest season and I always look forward to the coziness of being indoors with a hot apple cider preferably in front of a fireplace but alas I don’t have one 😦


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