Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone, I have been so busy with Bots store helping marketing the store and also working there. It’s been good so far. Have to try to fight myself back into exercising haven’t done any in the last two weeks, but I sure will survive. God is good have a great day.




Was looking for some dining chair like a year ago and every where I look was so expensive I give up . Then too I was looking for chairs that have the caning at the back and leopard print accents on the seats and it was challenging I must say . I then decided to go in the thrift shops and there they were four chairs just there looking at me and I at them , could I been any more lucky with a price tag of forty-five dollars for the four chairs I had to do a dance, I brought them home and created what I wanted God bless.





Hi everyone just finish my Zwow workout and as usual I’m feeling good. I am so looking forward for today, that’s because I am once again working at Bots store and I am so excited to go I will be there till Friday. Had such a good time when I was last there so today shouldn’t be anything but great. Yesterday we had a little sunshine so I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a new book and did some reading . Staying hydrated in the fall is a little challenging I don’t drink water as much as like the summer where I carry my bottle of water every where I go, where as in the fall I don’t like to walk with anything heavy in my bag so I decided to make a big pitcher of water with lemon and keep it in the fridge that should do it for me.God bless and have a great day


MY Gran Gran’s Coffee

It was five of us growing up and my gran gran would always give us coffee first thing in the morning right after we brush our teeth. She would pound the coffee beans in a mortar pestle and then brew it in a small sliver coffee pot, then she pour it in a cup and give it to us, not to strong and slightly sweetened, and  just enough to taste the love. I remember drinking coffee from the time when I was ten, I know that is a pretty young age to be drinking coffee but my gran gran coming form St.Lucia and I guess they do things differently, but let me tell you that was the best tasting cup of coffee I ever taste. Being drinking it for so long I was hook I had to do something and giving it up was out of the question, this is the only piece of memory I hold on to of my grandmother, so I decided to find a place for it and knowing how much she love going to church, this lady would go to morning mass and midnight mass and by the way she was in her eighties, so now I only drink it in the Lenten season which is great, with every sip I take she is right next to me enjoying every bit of it, thank gran gran God bless.IMG_2610