Morning Workout and Tea #6

First day back exercising and I feel great all last week I was hit with a terrible cold and a fever my head was hurting and couldn’t talk or eat anything . But I am feeling much better and trying to get back into the swing of things . Did a little cleaning Monday and now I have decided to do the butt workout being I was laying on it the whole week . So you know,  I love apple pie and I get this really good recipe from the Food Network last week when I was laying in bed, as a matter of fact that’s all I watch when I was sick but yeah my mouth was watering and that’s all I can think of, and it also has a crumb topped . I will probably be making this for Xmas or thanksgiving  but first I have to try it out.  I gotta get a  juicer so after my workout I can have me some juice, you know after a very good workout and you feeling really strong the next best thing to do is drink some juice but I can’t because I don’t have one so yea , I was going today and look for one but today is  not a look for juicer day so I will stay home and wipe some walls down. God bless and hope today is all smiles for you




I am rekindling one of my old habits and that is reading the  kind of reading  you can get on the couch and curl up. In this world of kindle books and E-books and what ever els there isn’t much to think about . Like I’m used to going to the book store looking for  books that one of my friends told me about or just looking for one particular book that finally I had to order it, and holding that book in my hand  for the first time and smelling it,  getting so excited about the smell you know it’s going to be good and you can’t wait to get home to start reading . Those days I really used to enjoy reading . I remember when I was small my mom would send my sisters an I to the library to get books we couldn’t bring any books she didn’t think was good enough for us other wise we had to take them back . So when I was old enough to choose my own I would get Nancy Drew books because that’s  what most of my friends were reading .  About 13 or 14 years old my brother’s friend Stephen  introduce me to a difference kind of book name (The sword in the Stone) which was a little different from the ones I used to read and I didn’t put that book down for one second don’t know if it’s because he give it to me or he notice me but I can still to this day remember everything about that book .  I must say,  that one book expand my  reading to different levels of  books and as for Nancy Drew her days were number by me . These days I read more of the bible or anything that will lead me down that path but still I don’t mind curling up on the couch or bed reading a good book . One day after I finish sculpturing my life I should open up a cozy book store where everyone can come and get lost in they thought of reading , now that wouldn’t be to bad , would it ? God bless .


Cleaning Day!!!

Today is cleaning day I do this once every year as I go into the holiday, I just love this time for cleaning because I get rid of everything I don’t want or used. I then give the apartment a general cleaning like boxing up everything out of the closets and cabinets one room at a time, treating the cabinets and wiping down walls. Now I’m like (Old Mother Hubbard ) empty cabinets, but this is good because this year I am making a change I’m going organic. As I grow older I’m moving a little slower so I can be more organize and discipline it all for the balance my workout, pray and food goes hand in hand so I have to be more focus on what I really want, this year cleaning mean more than just getting ready  for the holidays it’s also the beginning of my journey which comes with a lot of changes and so far I am having a good time. For the cleaning stuff I’m going to try the Eco-Friendly Products so if you guys try any of it let me know,  also  I am looking for some cheap organizers for my cabinets. I have to buy other things too but right now I am dealing with the kitchen. It’s going to be a big project and I can’t wait, I’m supper excited about going shopping for it all. God bless.IMG_2540

Morning Workout and Tea#5

Today I change my workout routine I was getting to comfortable with it, so I spice it up with some Millionaire Hoy, I find him on YouTube he is really good. So yeah with my Zwows and the Butt workout my body should be thanking me lol. Yesterday I work at the Bots Clothing Store which was pretty cool, I will be working there today and tomorrow, will post pic of the store if you like you can go on the website which is (www.BotsClothingCo.Com) and see if you like anything its own by a young up and coming designer. what are you day like today ? Whatever it is stay happy and god bless. IMG_2529IMG_2526


Words, it’s what ever you want them to be comforted, loving or hurtful. We all call one another things that we wish sometimes we could take back if only we did walk away, but the good thing is we can change, we can think before we speak. If you know you’re not going to say something nice, walk away or even saying a little pray to yourself can work magic. A lot of times people get comfortable in a conversation and talk bad about someone maybe about they color the way that person talk or dress what ever the case maybe, then the person finds out and you say I’m sorry and think that’s ok but it’s not. You don’t know what that  person is going through at the moment and you’re saying hurtful things don’t make it better. You don’t have to tell  everything you hear, even if something was said about you don’t feed into it, think about why would anyone say hurtful things, maybe the person is going through something or they could be insecure or they just having a bad day, and don’t know how to get themselves out of it. So to them putting  someone down to get a quick fix for their problem seem ok. Some of us discipline ourselves into working out in the gym 3 times a day or getting up very early in the morning to exercise, so let us start disciplining our thoughts and see how it feels. You have these thoughts coming into your head find something that works for you, instead of saying something you will regret try smiling or take it to the lord in pray, God bless.

Weekend Yeah

Today I am meeting up with my friend we are going to do a bit girl stuff. We are going to Williams- Sonoma  or  Pier 1 Imports  to see what they have,  just to get a feel of the holidays my favorite time of the year,  or the vintage thrift shop haven’t been there in a while.  I don’t know,  so much to do I’m so confuse lol.  Anyhow I’m so happy today isn’t hot,  it have a chill in the air,  life is so good. Church begins at 6pm I’m hoping to make it.  You know this is one of my little important things  my friend  that god  give to me once in a while,  so I have to hold on to  it  because with my friend come some of my happiness  so,  I am very thankful to god and my friend and we’ll make this happiness last till the end of the night.  God bless  and  drink your water.

Morning Workout and Tea #4

Today I finish my 10th day of the 30 day challenge and once again I was dripping wet along with one of my zwow in the zgym which was pretty awesome.

I want to share with you some things I got from the thrift shop, yeah I love going there first off the things don’t cost that much and it’s always excited to see what they have new. Last week I bought a dress and a bag which cost me less than twenty dollarsIMG_2434


Right now I’m feeling great and I will be relaxing at home, by the way I’m  going to be taking some yoga classes next week in the zgym  so I will post my progress. Don’t forget  your water have a wonderful day God bless.