So today I’m about to start my workout but I will have to push myself , I decided to meditate instead . I prepare myself  laying out my mat, got my tea  and I even put some lemon and clove in a bowl of hot water instead of  burning a candle.Then I got my face towel that was in the freezer and I proceed to start my music for relaxation. As I lay on my mat in total darkness I began to thank the lord,  for all the blessings he place upon me, my family and friends then I began praying. Our father in heaven hallowed be thy name, I repeated this three times  and  felt very heavy like I was about to cry but didn’t ,I continued and finished the lords pray. I pray for all the kids dying everyday the ones that got taken from their family and those suffering. For the first time I felt he was there and he was really listening to me.Then I saw myself trying to move but I couldn’t, so I started asking  him to open our hearts and show us it’s ok to put down the GUNS the HATE the DISLIKES the ANGER the JEALOUSY and pray, like Daniel (from the Bible) pray three times a day. Then I hear myself asking for clarity knowing  I had to keep my head straight because that’s where the path is not to the left or right, but I kept going off to the left and to right and I kept telling myself follow the sound of the music, and there I saw myself running knowing there’s something ahead of me that I couldn’t see clearly, something is blocking me.I started to smell the clove the heaviness had left and feeling a little lighter now I said Lord, show me the ways to walk in your path, that’s how I want to go, slowly I tilt  my head to the right and I smelt the food I had on the stove, and knowing it would be ok because someone will take care of it,  I kept thinking about it and the smell kept getting stronger and stronger. Then I heard myself say take three deep breaths and slowly breath out then slowly remove your face towel , God blessed.


This is what i made for lunch!!



Hi guys. Well yesterday was a bit of a blah for me and  I don’t know but I wasn’t feeling up to part, just one of those days I guess. Anyhow did you notice it had a little chill in the air yesterday? You know what I mean, but I’m not going to say…..FALL!!  So I did a little cooking  which I will share with you guys oh yeah I also made a raspberry dressing for my salad which taste great. Some sweet potato with cinnamon and bake chicken  after I took a walk. So I’m thinkingIMG_2333 my day wasn’t bad after all. God bless, have a fun day.IMG_2354

Demand Your Day!!!!!!

Everyday is different so what you did  yesterday you’ll  get a second chance to correct today. Well today I’m demanding happiness, because when I am happy everything seem so easy and with my smile on, no one can enter my space of happiness. Try demanding your day and I promise, you’ll feel very empowered, then treat yourself  to something good. God blessed and don’t forget your water. This is my treat!!!IMG_2323

Morning Workout and Tea #3

Hi this is the 3rd day of the 30 day challenge workout and I am dripping wet not bad. I like a good workout, after I know I’m going to have a great day. IMG_2313Oh just wanted to tell you about somethings I like, I recently bought  an aromatic reed diffuser in red currant it smell nice. After a long day the scent really puts me in a good mood so yea.IMG_2308

IMG_1978 Another thing is my water as you see I  try to get it in when ever I can, before I never drink water there’s nothing excited about it, but if I put any kind of fruits in my water it’s more exciting  to drink, like I wonder what it’s going to taste like, so if you’re like me and don’t drink water try putting something you like into it. God blessed and have a wonderful day.

Inner Peace

Inner peace…. is it as simple as saying peace be with you or is there such a thing. Do I have to go deep down inside to find it? Is it being aware and knowing that everything is going to be ok without a doubt. Knowing that there is someone near with the sense of  warm comfort that you’re not alone. Being able to guide yourself in a way that no one can’t would be beautiful, with the understanding that everyone are equally the same just with a little shade of fault. And if our faults comes in different colors would that be ok ? Would we be able to pass that peace on to one another? With every hand shake,  hug, smile, and every kiss? Would we be able to sincerely hold on to that and feel the warm comfort, that we are not alone and that someone is always near guiding us in that path, so we truly can find that peace. God bless have a great day as always take your water.IMG_1970